Monday, February 7, 2011

TOP 5 Games the 2nd!

As I realized that games are most important to my readers, here are five more to enjoy!

Cover Orange looks at the beginning like Angry Birds but has a different way: Protect not kill!

Rack Stare is something for the men among us ;-)

Project72 is really fun, as you fly a rocket into the space, but watch out for the rocks!

Catacrok is all about the right speed and aim. Tip: Hit the blue not the red!

Zlider is addictive as hell! Try it out!

Another tip from me: More Apps = More Fun!
So Long!


  1. I've played Cover Orange and it's pretty fun.

  2. Cover Orange is my new game for when I pretend to work. Cheers :)

  3. I'm gonna check the second app ;)