Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TOP 5 Productivity Apps the 2nd

TOP 5 Productivity Apps the 2nd:

barcoo tells you everything about the products you scan.

Tap Reader is the same for QR-Codes.

iMovie brings the film-making-app from the mac to the iPhone.

With Firefox Home you can save your bookmarks on your mobile device. Even open tabs are saved locally to be accessed anytime.

TeamViewer let you control other PCs just like the norma application on your desktop pc. Very useful for people who are helping others out often ;-)

Get it - Try it - Love it!
So Long!


  1. Hey, nice list man.
    Been using Barcoo for quite a while, and it's great!

  2. hmmm i think i need that young i movie

  3. TeamViewer is great if I need to help anyone with computer problems :)