Monday, February 7, 2011

TOP 5 Games from the AppStore

It's not just an mp3-Player or a phone, it's also a gameconsole compatible to thousands of games. These are my most-played Games:

Solipskier is a great game to play during waiting time or boring class (^^). Fast action and innovating gameplay.

Osmos brings biology and gaming together with a fresh and innovative idea. It's not a shooter or a jump'n'run, just slow moving cells. Sounds boring? It's not!

Aqueduct has a high-resolution and is a fun logic game with ours of gameplay.

Red Remover Touch includes more than 100 levels of logical puzzles. From super easy to utterly hard.

Monster Mayhem is a nice new way of tower defense on the iPhone, it's all about the speed of your touch!

So beat the levels, kill the monsters ans solve the puzzles!
So Long!


  1. Any of these availible from the MacApp store?

  2. @andrewpledger: Sure, try this out:

  3. It's a shame that the Ipod's apps are so costly for just a while of playing.

    But used to love the red remover game.

  4. Was actually a really good read. Thanks